Etone Lodge 5981
Etone Lodge 5981

The Organist

As on many ceremonial and festive occasions, instrumental and vocal music is used to complement and enhance Lodge meetings.


Music in the temple includes processional and recessional marches and the proceedings open and close with Odes sung to well known hymn tunes.  Suitable background music is played as Brethren assemble before Lodge begins and during periods when there are no spoken words.  The music is drawn from many periods and styles, but the music of Mozart has played special pride of place for Freemasons.  He wrote several pieces specifically for use in Zur Wohltatigkeit Lodge in Vienna, which he joined in 1784, but also made subtle use of the rhythms of masonic ceremonies in his other music - especially in his opera The Magic Flute.


Vocal music also comes into play at the end of dinner as a salute to several toasts.  The National Anthem is sung on all occasions.  Brethren unaboidably absent from a Lodge meeting, the Worshipful Master and Lodge visitors are toasted in song.  At the very end we conclude singing the words


Happy have we met

Happy have we been

Happy may we part

Happyp meet again


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