Etone Lodge 5981
Etone Lodge 5981


The work of the Lodge is done by a number of its members who have been appointed or elected to their positions, or Offices.  The highest honour a Lodge can bestow on a member is to elect him as Master of the Lodge.


Most Offices are gained as the result of a regular promotion process within the Lodge, leading, eventually, to the Chair of Master when the Brother involved attains the title of Worshipful Brother (W Bro), which he retains for the rest of his Masonic career as a mark of respect and a badge of honour.


Newly-initiated members learn the ritual by watching the example of those involved and by attending classes (Lodges of Instruction) and, after an appropriate apprenticeship, become an Officer of the Lodge with a specific part to play in the ritual.  The learning never stops, and even the most senior Freemasons with 50 or more years of experience pride themselves on becoming better educated in the ritual and its meaning.


The progressive offices (* below) are usually held for one year with promotion, or progression, taking place at the meeting where the new Master for the year is installed.  This happens in November at Etone Lodge.


Other Officers are either elected by the Brethren or appointed directly by the Master for the year.


A few details about each Office can be found by clicking the hyperlink in the left pane for each position.


(Whilst not strictly an Officer of the Lodge, the IPM is included in the list below for completeness

Senior Warden *
Junior Warden *
Immediate Past Master
Director of Ceremonies
Charity Steward
Senior Deacon *
Junior Deacon *
Assistant DC
Assistant Secretary
Inner Guard *
Chief Steward
Stewards *
Tyler *

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