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Etone Lodge No 5981 was consecrated on Thursday 24th August 1944 at 1430 hrs.  This event was the culmination of much hard work, many meetings and much correspondence between Nuneaton and Provincial Grand Lodge at Francis Road in Birmingham.


During the period of conception and birth of Etone Lodge the Second World War was still very much affecting peoples lives both at home and abroad.  On 6th June 1944 Allied Troops landed in Normandy and two weeks later the first flying bombs were landing in South East England.  On the day of our Consecration, French Second Armoured Division reached Paris and on the 25th August 1944 Paris was liberated.


And so all was in place for the Consecration of Etone Lodge on 24th August 1944


BAnner INformation

The Banner is of silk applique and embroidery in Gold and Colours and consists of the Lodge Badge surrounded by Masonic Emblems, including two columns (one Ionic and one Corinthian) with Entablatures supporting terrestrial and celestial globes, a squared pavement with square and compasses and the name and number of the Lodge.


The Etone Lodge is associated with the Borough of Nuneaton and was given permission at its foundation to adopt the Borough Coat of Arms for its Badge. Taken together with the other two lodges already existing, this association makes historical sequence. The Abbey Lodge being associated with Nuneaton in medieval times and Newdegate Lodge with the Newdegate family who were prominent in the life of the district from the 17th Century.


The Coat of Arms forming our Badge contains the following features:-.


The Blue and Silver bands refer to the River on which Nuneaton stands.


The Black Diamonds are emblematic of the Coal Industry which has flourished here from the very earliest times.


The Fleur- de Iys are from the Arms of the Earls of Leicester who founded the Abbey and consequently laid the foundations of the modern town.


The Bears Gamb or Paw with the Gold Crown is associated with the Earls and County of Warwick.


The name "Etone" is taken from ancient documents and was one of the names given to the town before the foundation of the Abbey and Nunnery.

description of the arms of the borough

The Arms and Crest of which the following is a description were assigned to the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Nuneaton by a grant from the College of Arms, dated 21st April 1932 and are therein described as follows.

"Per chevron Argent and barry wavy of six Azure and of the first in Chief of two Lozenges Sable on a Chief Gules a Cinquefoil Ermine between two Fleur-de-Iys Or. And for the Crest on a Wreath of the Colours: between two Lozenges a Bear's Gamb erased Sable enfiled by a Mural Crown Or and holding a Clinquefoil slipped Ermine".

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